Cervical Cancer

November 13, 2023 · DR.SHAJI K AYILLATH

Emotional hygiene

October 31, 2022 · DR. VINEETHA

Emotional hygiene is an important as physical hygiene. Just as we take care of our physical hygiene, spend some time daily to monitor your emotional health, address psychological wounds and work on it, your emotional res...

Breast Cancer Treatment

October 02, 2017 · DR.SHAJI K AYILLATH

Breast cancer | Doctor Live

December 25, 2013 · DR.SHAJI K AYILLATH

Is there a simple way to check our meal is balanced or not?

February 23, 2022 · DR.FEBINA ABDULKADER

This is known as eat well plate. Divide our serving plate into three portions. Fill one portion with rice, chapatti, oats etc. Second one with vegetables/fruits and the third portion with protein rich foods like pulses, ...

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