Early detection clinic

Early detection is the key to cure in most of the cancers, especially in cancers affecting women. Breast cancer and Cervical cancer screening programmes are part of the Eulive Early detection clinic.

Cancer diagnostic services

Correct diagnosis and staging of the cancer is a critical factor in planning accurate treatment and attaining cure.

Mammogram, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, Bone scan, FDG PET CT, Iodine 131 scan etc. are imaging tests which helps the doctor in diagnosis and treatment. Blood investigations like Biochemistry assessment, Blood Tumour markers are important in both treatment and follow up of many cancers.

Fine needle aspiration cytology (F.N.A.C), Pap smear, Punch biopsy, Core biopsy or Trucut biopsy, Guided biopsy, Incision biopsy, Excision biopsy, Sentinel biopsy etc. are important tools in diagnosing and staging a cancer. Cytopathology, Histopathology, Liquid biopsy, Immunohistochemistry, Molecular markers and Genomic tests helps in planning, staging and treatment in oncology.


Breast Cancer surgeries

Breast conservation surgeries, Lumpectomies, Axillary surgeries, Mastectomies and Breast reconstruction surgeries are planned in the surgeon’s clinic after detailed discussion with the patient and relatives.

Cancer Reconstruction surgeries

The importance of retaining one's body image cannot be overemphasized. This is true in cases like Breast Cancer and Cancers affecting the head and neck. Different reconstruction options are now available to reconstruct the lost body part and thus regain the original body image. Oncoplastic surgeries, Pedicled flaps, Rotation flaps, local advancement flaps and Microvascular free flaps are tools for reconstruction at various sites.


Cancer support services

Chemoport insertion is a simple surgical procedure for providing easy and safe venous access for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Cancer Genetic Detection/Counseling clinic

Some cancers have the tendency to run in the family. Detecting them early, before any symptoms arise is a reality. Genetic tests like BRCA tests are available in Eulive Clinic. Genetic counseling is important to know the need and implications of a genetic test.

Counseling services

A diagnosis of cancer can inevitably affect one's mental state. Addressing mental health issues are as important as surgical/medical treatment. Developing a positive attitude is essential to deal with the illness effectively.

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